“Am I therefore become your enemy for telling you the truth?”  

Apostle Paul, Galatians 4:16


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come, let us reason together

JCnot4me.com is dedicated to freeing Fundamentalists via their Bible & common sense.  


Misc. Thoughts…   

Hell-  The penalty laid down for failing to detect a totally undetectable god who is deliberately hiding in a celestial game of hide and seek.

Freewill-  BibleGod can’t intervene in human affairs because of our “free will”??? Book/Chapter/Verse please for this supposedly Biblical doctrine. Also, IF “free will” prohibits BibleGod from doing anything on the Earth, why are Christians always praying for BibleGod to do anything on the Earth???

Why Witches Matter- Exodus 22:18  “Thou shalt not allow a witch to live”.   Most Christians say the above verse does not apply in this New Testament day and age, and those Christians that DO apply it are mistaken. But what they are really admitting to is that their god does not care about this mistaken interpretation, or does not exist. A kind benevolent god, if he really existed (key point people!), who found out that innocent men & women by the thousands had been and were being burned to death due to a mis-interpretation of a book he had written, this god would have ordered a recall of said book,  burn the easy-to-misinterpret editions, and publish a new corrected revision in which it was crystal clear NOT to burn people to death for WHATEVER reason.  The fact that this has not happened, and the fact that human beings even in our day and age ARE being burned alive “for being witches” (Google it- it’s still taking place) this is proof positive that  one of the following is true}

And that, folks, is why witches matter. It shows the god of the Bible to be either an incompetent buffoon, evil, or non-existent.


What’s New...

Relationship?  Really??? Ponder these points…

The fact is that Christianity is a religion, and no amount of pretending, self-deception, delusions, lies, cute comebacks or ignorance of dictionaries can change that.