“Am I therefore become your enemy for telling you the truth?”  

Apostle Paul, Galatians 4:16


     Orange County, California  USA

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JCnot4me.com is dedicated to setting Fundamentalist Christians free by using a few things their religion allows them to trust in this life: their Bible & their common sense.  So come, let us reason together, starting with…

The logo on the left, proudly plastered on the cars of millions of Christians, says ”N.O.T.W.”, which stands for “Not Of This World”. It’s a divisive message to all that, “we Christians are better than you, for we are not of this world, and neither is our loving leader.” Really? IF some alien from outer space loved us humans1 sooooo much, would he create2 hell & diseases to torment us with? Would he unleash a Satan3 upon the Earth? Would he create evil4 and let it loose in the universe? Would he be cruel5 to us? Would he deceive6 us? Would he have stood by doing nothing & let7 9/11 happen?  Would he commit injustices by punishing kids8 for crimes their parents did?  Would he be ordering us humans to kill9 off the babies of other humans? And would he start houses on fire, then show up dressed like a fireman and expect us to treat him like a hero10 for putting out the fires he himself started?  If ANY such space alien really existed, disgust and repulsion, not worship and admiration, should be our reaction. And as for the self-proclaimed followers of this hostile space alien, if they really believe they are “Not Of This World”, that they are just too damn good to be “stuck” here with the rest of us, then let them go back to where they came from and leave in peace those who appreciate this world.  

1} John 3:16  //  2} John 1:3  //  3} Rev 20:7  //  4} Isaiah 45:7 KJV  //  5} Isaiah 13:9  //  6} 2nd Thess. 2:11,12  //  7} James 4:17  //  8} Exodus 20:5  //  9} 1st Samuel 15:3  //  10} The idea that Biblegod created hell to burn us alive for our pre-known failures to follow his impossible to follow laws, and then offers us via Jesus a rescue from the very problem (hell) he himself created in the first place. This is nothing but an arsonist burning our houses down & wanting to play hero fireman at the same time, then damning us to hell for not being grateful


Below is a video snippet of a December 9, 2009 debate that I was part of, the issue being: Does the God of the Bible Exist? Enjoy!

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